Leading the revolution

Cheryl Pell, Senior Specialist, School of Journalism

Journalism is changing at digital speed. Tweets topple tyrants. News circles the globe in the wink of an eye. Cameras capture every human drama and upload it to the world.

And Michigan State University journalists are leading the revolution.

They are equipped with tablets, phones, cameras and software that changes by the day. They have more computing power in their pockets than some mall companies – and they know how to use it.

MSU alums are out in front with media companies including Bloomberg, Yahoo!, ESPN.com and CNN.com. Alums and students are working in hundreds of traditional news companies and starting new ones.

It takes vision and faith, practice in the fundamentals and a clear eye to be ready to grab a future on the run. That is what MSU journalism is all about. We change constantly, but our constants never change. We use the new tools. We push ourselves. We ride the wave.

Join us. Come see the promise of the journalism that we see.

Don’t wait.

Don’t hesitate.