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Knight Center alum nabs byline in Audubon

Andy McGlashen

Andy McGlashen

Knight Center alum Andy McGlashen has a story in Audubon about how even a little bit of oil can make it hard for birds to fly.

McGlashen recently started an editorial fellowship with the birding publication in New York City. He is the former communications director for the Michigan Environmental Council.

His freelance reporting has appeared in Scientific American, Midwest Energy News, Bridge Magazine, The Daily Climate, Environmental Health News  and other publications.

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Knight Center director finds time for games

Games coverIn a puzzling shift from his usual academic and journalism writing, Knight Center director Eric Freedman has published two short puzzles in Games magazine.

The two entries appear in the August issue’s “Wild Cards” section.

Can you solve these excerpts?

1: In the national Interest

Some countries are named for a local characteristic such as the Netherlands — literally a place of low-lying lands.

However, the following “countries” take their names from common English words.

Example: The land of bosses would be “Domination.” With enough “rumination,” can you identify these?

  • Land of zombies
  • Land of soda drinkers
  • Land of hydropower

2: Tough calls

What do these local phone numbers have in common?

  • 623-4766
  • 564-6766
  • 536-6339

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1. In the national interest:

  • Land of zombies- Reincarnation
  • Land of soda drinkers – Carbonation
  • Land of hydropower – Damnation

2. Tough Calls
What do these local phone numbers have in common? Letters on the keypad spell the names of presidents.

  • 623-4766 Madison
  • 564-6766 Johnson
  • 536-6339 Kennedy

Knight Center associate discusses MSU visit with Russian colleagues

Julia Balashova

Julia Balashova

Professor Julia Balashova, who was affiliated with the Knight Center as a Fulbright Scholar while doing research at MSU during the past academic year, was the main speaker at a recent workshop called “Communication Education in the Leading USA Universities and Possibilities of the Fulbright Program.”

The workshop took place at St. Petersburg State University (Russia) where she heads the master’s program in popular science journalism.

Focusing on the MSU School of Journalism, Balashova described the life of American students and campus life such as university sports, learning and leisure activities. She also spoke about differences between Russian and American educational programs, educational processes, the evaluation system and interaction with the educational environment.

Knight Center student a finalist for national reporting prize

Carin Tunney

Carin Tunney

A story by Knight Center graduate student Carin Tunney was recently named a finalist in a national Association of Food Journalists competition.

The story “Can tiny livestock solve big hunger” about eating insects in North America appeared in two Knight Center publications: The Food Fix and Great Lakes Echo.

The winner will be announced in September at the annual conference of the Association of Food Journalists in Philadelphia.

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